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The Optoelectronics Computing Laboratory

The Optoelectronic Computing Laboratory at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem imports concepts and phenomena from the realm of fundamental physics, to the arena of optoelectronic engineering.
The laboratory research effort is aimed primarily at providing the integration methodology between digital computers, communication networks, and advanced sensing capabilities which will be the fundamental building blocks of the future cyberspace.

  • The Optical Power Grid
  • OPTIMOS: Electrooptics in Silicon
  • Electroholography in Waveguide Architectures
  • Striation Gratings
  • Electric Filed Multiplexing of Volume Holograms

The Imaging systems and Processes Laboratory

  • Imaging Systems and Processes

  • Atmospheric Optics

  • Remote Sensing


The Dielectric Spectroscopy Laboratory

  • Dielectric Properties of Materials

  • The Time Domain Dielectric Spectroscopy

  • The Dielectric Study of Complex Liquids

  • The Dielectric Properties of Complex Biological Systems

  • The Relaxation Phenomena in Disordered Systems


Nanophotonics, Quantum Optics, Biophyiscs and Medical Physics Laboratory

  • Near-field 2D/3D Optical Imaging

  • Nanochemical and Nanomanipulation Tools

  • SHG, Non-linear Optical Imaging of Membrane Potential in Neural Networks

  • Light Energy Transduction in Photoreceptors

  • Biomedical Instrumentation


The Microelectronics Laboratory

  • Microelectronics

  • Silicon Devices


Quantum Nano Engineering Lab

Nano-structures are likely to become primary components of future quantum electronic devices. Although practical realization of such devices faces a number of challenges, the benefits from their successful implementation can be enormous. In our work we aim at achieving quantum properties in standard devices by developing monolayered hybrid surfaces. The hybrid nano layers change the micro scale devices properties and add quantum features to them. This methodology leads to a generic technology for constructing nano-systems in which many devices are interconnected and operate in unison, without inhibiting their quantum nature. Nature in several cases uses quantum mechanics in order to achieve extraordinary properties. Our controlled nano tool box can mimic nature and open a new way for upgrading exciting devices to the quantum level of operation.


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