Computer Science and Engineering School Applied Physics  

Rongying Huang


Main Interests


Prof. Alexander Puzenko

Development of theoretical and applied aspects of Time Domain Dielectric Spectroscopy.
The Theory of dielectric polarization.
The relaxation phenomena and strange kinetics in disordered materials.
Transport properties and percolation in Complex Systems.
The dielectric properties of biological systems
Radio Physics.


Prof. Vladimir Rozenshtein
Vladimir Rozenshtein

Dielectric spectroscopy; water, solution and biomolecule dynamics

Dr. Anna Greenbaum
 Manager of CERC

Dielectric Spectroscopy in Time and Frequency Domains.
Computer simulations.
Customer Service.


Dr. Paul Ben Ishai
Senior Research Associate

THz Spectroscopy

Water in confinement
Fractional Approaches to dielectric relaxation
Electromagnetic interactions of human skin and other complex biological systems .

Currently the staff member of Ariel University, Department of Physics


Dr. Ivan Popov 
Post Dock

The theory of dielectric polarization.
The relaxation phenomena and strange kinetics in disordered materials
Dielectric relaxation in ice and water; Hydrated proteins, H-bonded systems
Broad Band Dielectric Spectroscopy
Post Doc in Oak Ridge National Laboratory, USA
Dr. Eugenia  Levy
 ( Lab. Engineer)
Dielectric relaxation of water and aqueous solutions
Dielectric relaxation of red blood cells.


Dr. Daniel Agranovich


Dielectric Spectroscopy Study of Bovine Milk as a Complex Colloidal System

Working in IAI
Yael Kurzweil-Segev
PhD student

Dynamics and structure of the protein hydration shell

Marcelo David
PhD student

Dielectric monitoring of storage-induced lesions in human Red Blood Cells

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Miss. Noa Betzalel
PhD student

The interaction of the Sub-THz radiation with Human Skin 
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Mrs. Rongying Huang
MSc. student

Dielectric Processes of Starch and Sodium Starch Glycolate
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Mrs. Anna Kochnev
MSc. student
Radiometric Study the Human Electromagnetic Radiation in the sub-THz Frequency Band +972 2 6582402
Mr. Shayke Stern
MSc. student
Internal Microwave Ablation of small tumors