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08:00-09:00          Registration and get together.

09:00-09:15          Welcome     Aharon J. Agranat (Director of the Brojde
                            Center for Innovation in Engineering and Computer Science).

09:15-09:30          Greetings

09:30-10:15          Michael Ben-Or (The Benin School of Engineering and
                            Computer Science, The Hebrew University).
                            Plenary Review: Directions in Quantum Computing

10:15-10:45          Barak Dayan (Dept. of Chemistry, The Weizmann Institute of                             Science).
                            Photon-photon Interactions with single atoms coupled to                             chip-based microresonators

10:45-11:15            Break

11:15-12:00          Tobias Schätz (Max Planck Institute of Quantum Optics,
                            Garching, Germany)
                            The stuff ion-trapper's dreams are made of

12:00-12:30          Roee Ozeri (Physics of Complex Systems, The Weizmann
                            Institute of Science).
                            Narrow linewidth diode laser for high fidelity ion-qubit

12:30-13:00          Yossi Paltiel (Dept. of Applied Physics, The Hebrew University).
                            Room Temperature Hybrid Nano Computer- A New
                            Perspective for applying Quantum Mechanics in Classical

13:00-14:15            Lunch

14:15-15:00          Terry G. Rudolph (Imperial College, London, UK).
                            The optical route to quantum computing

15:00-15:30          Nadav Katz (Racah Institute of Physics, The Hebrew
                            The well-tempered 50 Ohm atom – superconducting qubits
                            and beyond

15:30-16:00          David Gershoni (Dept. of Physics, Technion).
                            Radiative cascades in charged and neutral quantum dots

16:00-16:45          Mirko Lobino (Department of Physics, Bristol University).
                            Optical implementation of quantum information

16:45-17:00            Summary and closing remarks