MVNA-8-350 Vector Network Analyzer, full installation, which can cover millimeter and submillimeter wave range at frequencies from 8 GHz to 1 THz

About Us

The Center for Electromagnetic research and Characterization (CERC) was formed in 2008 as a cooperation between the Ministry of Science and Technology of the Government of Israel and the Applied Physics Department of the Hebrew University.† The core of the Center is the existing Dielectric Spectroscopy Laboratory of the Department.† This Laboratory has established itself under the guidance of Prof. Yuri Feldman, as the premier research unit in the field of Dielectric Spectroscopy in Israel during the last 15 years.† The laboratory has an international reputation with over 200 articles to its credit.†

The most exciting development of centre is the establishment of the sub Terahertz spectroscopy Lab with the purchase of a high end Vector Network Analyzer, capable of reaching frequencies up to 600 GHz .† The system is supplied by AB Millimetre of Paris. This is the only system in Israel today with such broadband capabilities.

The Centerís day to day activities are guided by Dr. Paul Ben Ishai, backed by a strong experimental team.† The Centerís policies are overseen by a Steering Committee composed of some of the most distinguished Scientists in Israel today.† The committee is chaired by Prof. Itamar Proccacia, the 2009 laureate of the Israel Prize for Science.

The Time Domain Reflectometer with circulatory temperature control.† The frequency range is 200 kHz to 10 GHz