In recent years Dielectric or Electromagnetic (EM) Spectroscopy has come into its own as the premier tool to probe complex materials where mesoscopic behavior is prevalent. Applications can be found in Industry ranging from solid state and chip technologies, to food and pharmaceutical industries.

The Center for Electromagnetic Research and Characterization (CERC) was established in 2008 as a joint project of the Ministry of Science and The Department of Applied Physics of the Hebrew University. Its aim is to provide Industry and Academia the access to state of the art EM spectroscopy. Based on the existent expertise of the Dielectric Spectroscopy Laboratory it aims to be a one stop shop offering spectroscopy in the widest possible frequency range (10-6 Hz to 1012 Hz) in a University setting. The University campus can additionally offer a wide range of characterization services, such as the Center for Nanoscience, to complete a profile unparalleled in Industry.

The Center for Electromagnetic Research and Characterization.

The Applied Physics Department

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Edmond Safra Campus

91904, Jerusalem. Israel

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 The first Industry-Academia workshop in Dielectric Spectroscopy (DS) will be held in June 2010 at the Hebrew University. The workshop will cover topics such as the application of DS in the Food, Pharmaceutical and Chemical industries, measurement techniques and devices. For registration please click

Our Mission Statement

To provide research and characterization services based on the frequency band 10-6 to 1012 Hz to Academia and to Industry. Included in our mission are the development and promotion of methodologies, algorithms, computer simulations and education in electromagnetic spectroscopy in the proposed frequency band.

A unit of the Applied Physics Department of the Hebrew University

The Center for Electromagnetic Research & Characterization

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