The Steering Committee

 Dr. Paul Ben Ishai

Dr. Ben Ishai is the manager of the Center, responsible for its day to day running.  He has been with the Applied Physics department since 1998, initially as a student and culminating with his doctoral thesis under Prof. Feldman.  Additionally has wide business and managerial experience out side the world of Academia.  His specializations are the dielectric response of ferroelectric crystals, colloids and gels.

The unit cell of a Potassium Lithium Tantalate Niobate (KLTN) ferroelectric crystal.  Such crystals are important components of  future Optic Circuits.  Their dielectric behavior is an integral part of understanding their optical applications.

The Center for Electromagnetic Research and Characterization.

The Applied Physics Department

The Selim & Rachel Benin School of Computer Science and


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