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Invites you to participate in a one day workshop

Dielectric Spectroscopy: what you really need in your industry

Do you know that there is a means of fast, cheap and extensive characterization of your materials no matter how complex they are?  The means is Dielectric Spectroscopy, one of the most powerful methods to study dynamics in complex systems.

We, people of the Center for Electromagnetic Research and Characterization (CERC) of the Hebrew University, have decided: it’s time to introduce you to the answers. Our purpose in organizing the workshop is to expose Israeli Industry to the great potential of Dielectric Spectroscopy in the industrial setting and on how the Industry can use the Center for Electromagnetic Research and Characterization to get not only just help in solving materials characterization problems but also, most importantly, complete solutions.

The speakers have been drawn from both the academic and industrial worlds and their talks will center on the application of Dielectric Spectroscopy in their separate fields.

The fields covered will include: The Food Industry, Colloidal Sciences, Solid State applications, The Chemical Industry and others. Dielectric Spectroscopy can be used to predict: electrical breakdowns in materials, aging in fibers, online water contents in production lines; for advanced pharmaceuticals research, non-invasive monitoring in medicine, quality control,  device and material characterization and many other applications.

Our unique center has been formed in conjunction with the Ministry of Science by the Applied Physics Department of the Hebrew University, in order to promote Dielectric Spectroscopy research and services to Industry. Capable of measurements in 18 decades of frequency, its expertise is unprecedented in Israel.  And you are invited to visit us and see all of its equipment and appraise its great potential for industrial applications with your own eyes.

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The Dielectric Spectroscopy Laboratory


Cost:      NIS 100 per participant  (incl. lunch)

The number of participants is limited to 70 people only.

You can register to this event by email, CERC.workshop@gmail.com, or by phone , +972-2-6585061.
Registration by email


3rd June 2010

Beit Belgia, Faculty Club,

Givat Ram Campus, The Hebrew University, Jerusalem.


(10% discount to Society members)

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Welcoming addresses


An Introduction to Dielectric Spectroscopy  - Dr. Ido Nir , The Israel Institute for Biological Research


Polymers - Dr. Ya’ara F. Haruvy, Soreq Nuclear Research Center


Coffee break


Colloids (Food and Pharmaceuticals) -  Dr. Paul Ben Ishai, CERC


Oil Industry  - Mr. Tal Cohen, EVP R&D and BD, Modcon Systems Ltd


Lunch (Beit Belgia Restaurant)


Sensors and their Uses - Dr. Noel Axelrod  CTO Physical Logic  Ltd.


Milk and Dairy Industries  - Dr. Liuba Lemberskiy-Kuzin, Afimilk Ltd.


Medical Physics - Dr. Andreas Caduff—Solianis Monitoring AG. 


Closing Remarks